The International Festival for Real-time Architecture comes to Jena-Lobeda, Germany

72 Hour Urban Action Loebda will take place in May 2-5 2019 and will challenge local residents and international participants to collaboratively create public spaces in the district.

Ten mixed teams with ten different missions will take over ten sites with only three days and nights to design and build projects in response to local needs.

Participants will sleep in the International Public Space Camp in Lobeda, where a main fabrication hub and a public kitchen will provide them with all they require to rapidly create interventions in public space. Each team will receive a budget and the aid of local experts and neighbours to help them complete their mission on site and on time.

You can apply as an individual or as a group. Some knowledge of English is required, but a lot of team spirit is essential!

Please note: Each participating team will have 12 participants, coming from Germany and the rest of the world. All teams are composed by the festival organisers. When you apply you agree to work with new people.

Participation in 72HUA Lobeda is free, recommended and open to all!

>>DEADLINE to apply: 17TH of February

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