A crusade on the world wide web

Monday 29 June – Saturday 11 July 2015


The internet is a place with unique vernaculars, cultures and locations; it is a place for one to explore, discover and design domains. Aditnálta is an island manifested on the internet; a cloud of immaterial dreams that continues to weave and stitch its way on the world wide web. This year we will travel to whimsical addresses with mystifying geographies to brave the dark side of the deep web. We will visit the, propagate wiki-leaks, explore the pixelated establishment of minecraft and teleport to the bits and bytes of second life. From this journey we will tell tales of the environments, draft new experiences, design new interventions and virtually spatialise the complex and contradictory world we live in. Come and join this adventure into the virtual, to navigate this dérive on Aditnálta.

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The UN have recently reported financial links between Mexico’s Los Zeta cartel and the illegal trading of the rare earth mineral Otinif, a material critical to the manufacture of the next generation of super faster digital processors. Seen from Google earth Aditnálta is an anonymous island off the East Coast of Mexico but as the world’s richest source of Otinif it is a landscape being consumed by our hunger for technology. Hidden from this distanced aerial view are vast underground worker towns and oppressive mining conditions. Aditnálta is an outsourced landscape embedded in all the pieces of technology we carry in our pockets.

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What does the model represent?

The miniature model stage set is designed for the eye of live webcams and filmic cameras for a critical fiction.
The setting is a speculative oppressive mining city driven by conflict minerals and for our hunger for new technologies and resources.
The model is designed through the techniques used in the special effects industry. The form of the city references the growth patterns of informal settlements on the periphery of Mexico City. The materiality and details of the model references the ad-hoc construction of other illegal mining communities around the world such as the Congo in Africa and Serra Pelada in Brazil. The model is constructed as a false perspective, the front of the model is 1:100 and it recedes into the distance at 1:200.

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We live in a time where there is a death of geography, we are able to understand place through the irrelevance of location. From the object you have in your pocket or the laptop you send your most intimate emails, the internet allows you to stay connect to far away landscapes. Our conventional idea of place is dead. Our understanding of remote areas in the future are mediated through these 7 icons. These interconnected systems, Google owns youtube and is associated with these other third party programs to help it’s thirst for knowledge.
From the understanding of text through Wikipedia, geo-positioning in Google maps/Earth, photos from Panoramio, videos on Youtube and Webcam travel we now associate place with these systems. Thus because of this I designed my project to be viewed online, the modern web[site], the webcam is streamed live that frames the model to appear real.



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