Amsterdam Expressionism///EASA2015




Christian Sluijmer (NL)

Carlyn Simoen (NL)

Frank Reitsma (NL) 


The Project aims to create a workshop in which theory meets practice. The importance of this workshop is to link the tools of the architectural expression of De Amsterdamse School with a challenge of the theme LINKS that we will formulate on site.

In the materiality of our proposed workshop lies the connection between typical Dutch brickwork architecture of de Amsterdamse School and the typical Maltese limestone. 

First we will step into theory and then put the discovered design tools in practice by building a sculpture, folly or pavilion. 

The design and construction workshop offers opportunity for individual creativity in designing patterns and ornaments, and end with the collective design and construction of a sculptural intervention.

Photos by Alexandra Kononchenko 

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