Antiroom II///EASA2015




Matteo Goldoni (IT)

Ahmad Madhoun (BG)

Elena Chiavi (CH)


Antiroom II is a floating space on the sea shore of Malta. Its form will become an unreachable surface from the ground, only accessible by swimming or by boat. The wood structure will create a space separated from the vastness of the unlimited sea. Its center defined as a small secure water pool. The antiroom as such can therefore contra pose its smallness with the big Island of Malta. 

Islands have always had a great cultural significance. Our reinterpretation of islands is a thought on refuge space, where one can lie on them and feel at home.

Antiroom II remains light and gentle through it floating and instability. One can enter its core, surround it, swim around it and contemplate its structure.

Antiroom II is a physical symbol to welcome and accept anyone. All cultures without exceptions.

Antiroom II can float and move slowly away, as a new isolated world, in the sea.

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AntiRoom II finally floating in its rightful spot underneath the EASA 2015 site in Marsamxett Harbour, Valletta!!

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