ATK Clermont 2016

Clermont ,Ferrand

15 th -20th MArch 2016





"Architectonik, or ATK, is the only national workshop of the twenty two french architecture and landscape faculty. 
Launched in 2006 by the faculty of "Toulouse", the national event aims to bring together, during one week, students around an annual workshop focused on architectural, landscape and urban thought. ATK is firstly initiative and launched by the student, but especially for the student, who are entirely taking part of the organisation. This workshop is an idea competition that allows students to have the opportunity to meet and exchange. In other words, these are future architects who are invite to share, and compare their different points of view in a bubbling laboratory of ideas. 

ATK is also an event that permit to put forward a city and an architecture faculty for five days long. By the working and playing mixture, open minded and development of a serious project, this workshop allows to meet new people and to strengthen the links between all the french architecture and landscape faculty. Last year, ATK was celebrating in the city of Montpellier its 10 years. In 2016, it’s Clermont-Ferrand with its new premises all student teams. 

The conditions for paricipation at this workshop is to being part of one of the tewenty two architecture and landscape french faculty and being chosen by your school to go there. There is five student from each faculty and Erasmus who are following courses in France can also apply to this workshop. 

During the one week workshop, some lectures of architect will be given and also international workshop presentation (EASA, Bellastock..)"


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