Beton Boot///EASA2015




Melchior Hoesli (CH)

Guillaume Stark (CH)


Summer 2015, a bunch of architecture students are lost on an Island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. In order to get a link to the continent, they decide to build a boat. On the island, the ground is mostly made of rocks and sand, and there's not much wood at their disposal. In an abandoned fortress by the sea, they find a few bags of cement and a place to build...

Betonboot is a design and construction workshop, where the participants have the ability to design and build a concrete boat out of sand and cement. The participants divide in groups of 5 to 7 people, each group will produce their own boat. We imagine the workshop as a mix of construction and inputs, the project evolves as the participants interact and improve their design. The participants get introduced to a set of rules which guides the construction of a concrete shell, what spatial qualities it creates, its behavior in the water, the maximal loads it can carry, etc. During the construction phase, they will get acquainted with the characteristics of concrete, its reinforcement and what it can do. The last phase is the competition of all the efforts, the boats are launched in the sea and the participants will be able to exhibit and enjoy their design. 



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