This is the phrase that we like to use to describe the influence of our workshop. 

Veliko Tarnovo is one of the earliest recorded settlements in the country of Bulgaria. 5000 years ago, the town would have started off as a humble settlement dependant on the Yantra River for the residents to live and to grow. The waterways provided an important trade route to receive and supply food, livestock, building materials, and perhaps most importantly - ideas. The Yantra River played a major part in ensuring the rise of Veliko Tarnovo and cementing its status as the capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire. 

Later, with the advent of the steam train and automobile, the Yantra would provide a different, yet equally important use. The industrial boom after the Second World War created further growth in the town, and although it had lost the title of its country’s capital, the population more than quadrupled. Behind this industrial boom lay the Yantra River. The new factories could not function without a source of water to help maintain their machinery, although, unfortunately, the river was also used as a means for waste disposal. 

Our project aims to bring back the appreciation of the Yantra River. The river is no longer needed as a source of trade or industrial use, but should be appreciated for what it is - a natural beauty. 

We propose to construct a boathouse on the riverbank that will provide a shelter for those who wish to use the Yantra as a form of leisure activity. The boathouse will also provide a relaxation space and a place for the storage of watersports equipment. It aims to use the potential of the Yantra River and provide the residents with a base from which to explore and discover its natural beauty, reviving the symbiosis between people and river. 

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