BTK-FH summerschool Architecture

Berlin, Germany

Date: July 27th till August 7th 2015

All programs completely in English

Credit Points: 6 ECTS


This intensive two-week course invites you to discover experimental architecture and interactive, sustainable urban design. Explore the diversity and innovation of contemporary Berlin architecture and culture – and develop your own relationship with both theory and practice. Engage with a variety of exciting DIY+DIT projects including an art gallery in a creatively reused filling station, a community garden on the roof of a shopping center, a container farm in a former brewery, a new sustainable housing cooperative on the Spree River, pioneer projects at the former Tempelhof Airport, and many others. Get to know the most interesting projects Berlin has to offer - on foot, with bikes and a boat. Allow your own design impressions of Berlin self-organized and community-oriented architecture to emerge – and exchange your ideas, using photography and illustration, and with an exciting and motivated group of young people from around the world.





The course will inspire and involve you with an intensive daily combination of readings and discussions, excursions, cultural visits and hands-on actions. Direct interaction with, observation and interpretation of leading examples will help you develop your own project ideas.






Markthalle Neun



Center for Art and Urbanistics, etc.



Dr. Michael A. LaFond

Director of id22: Institute for Creative Sustainability in Berlin. Born and educated in the US, LaFond has decades of experience in Berlin as well as internationally in fields related to architecture and sustainable community development, urban design and planning, citizens initiatives, art and urban culture. LaFond has led a wide range of university, research and teaching projects dealing with self-organized, civil society-initiated, re-developments of vacant land and buildings, informal planning, innovative uses of environmental technologies and democratizations of urban planning processes. 

A focus is on urban, international CoHousing Cultures: self-organized, community-oriented, inclusive and sustainable forms of housing. Another special interest is the exploration and development of convivial technologies.

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