School for Urban Studies CANactions is a socialy-oriented interdisciplinary educational project, which aims to explore modern Ukrainian cities and, based on this research, make concepts of strategic development. School is a consistent continuation of the festival CANactions, which was founded by the architectural firm Zotov&Co, with more than eight-year history. Our platform is a continuous inclusion in the global context, interaction with prominent international experts and urban companies in Europe.

We are looking for real CANactors – young and ambitious urbanists, who are ready for changes and will become moderators between citzens and authorities to develop and implement their own projects for the benefits of Ukrainian cities.

We offer work only with real cases, daily workshops and lectures from leading international experts. After passing this course, students will be able to contribute to the implementation of strategic development of Ivano-Frankivsk, and use this methodology in their own projects in other cities of Ukraine.

We also provide the opportunity to get work or internship in the best companies that are our long-term partners.


CANactions projects participants are already working in such institutions as:

>  Dessau International Architecture Graduate School/ Germany

>  DENK/ Architekten Ingenieure/ Austria

>  Gigler Design and Structures/ Austria

>  Buro Happold/ Germany

and took part in such workshops and festivals :

>  International Festival of Art and Construction/ The Netherlands

>  Wonderlab/ Germany

>  Іnternational Festival of Art and Construction/ Spain

>  Summer University Carinthia/ Austria


School year 2015/16

We begin the interdisciplinary research process of Ukrainian cities while offering to re-think the basic mechanisms of urban planning and urban environment development. What is the contemporary city? What are the Ukrainian cities peculiarities? Who defines their development at the moment? How to transform this process into more efficient and open? 

Participants of our School will work on these and many other questions within the framework of Studio #1 with the leading Swiss urbanist Urs Thomann as the curator. 


The Studio#1: From General Plan to Guiding Plan: Strategic tools for contemporary cities development 


Block #0: Preliminary preparatory course / August 17  - September 13

Block #1: Introductory course / September 14  - October 4

Block #2: Case Study: Research of Ivano-Frankivsk and field-trip to this city / October 5 - October 25

Block #3: Case Study: Analysis of research results and work on Ivano-Frankivsk development strategy and work on the Studio#1 final project / October 26 - December 17

Block #4: Public presentation and exhibition preparation and awarding School participants with certificates /  December 18


TUITION FEE  9 800 UAH (or 400 Euro)



12-16 young specialists from Ukraine and abroad:

>  urbanists

>  architects

>  city transport specialists

>  economists

>  urban planners

>  culturologists

>  sociologists

>  lawyers

>  and representatives of other professions related to urban studies.



>  all the communication within the framework of Studio is conducted in English

>  full-time and intensive studies

>  emphasis on self-organization and efficiency

>  interdisciplinary teamwork



>  Admission of the application forms from candidates / June 22 - August 10 

>  International jury select 32 candidates who progressed into Round  2 / August 10  - August 9 

>  Short skype-interview in English with the candidates who progressed into the Round 2* / August 12 - August 15 

> Announcement of the final list of Studio#1 12-16 participants** / August 17 

*  Candidates who progressed into the 2nd round will be informed about the time of the interview via personal email letter byAugust 9.

** Candidates who progressed into the final list will be informed of their admission decision via personal email letter by August 17.


CANDIDATES HAVE TO SUBMIT ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTS  (all information must be in English)

CV which has to include:

>  Full name, date of birth

>  E-mail, phone number, link on your Facebook profile, location

>  Education

>  Work experience: experience in urban projects is preferable

>  Participation in competitions, workshops, seminars, educational programs etc.

>  Team work experience: social, cultural and other projects, where you participated as a part of team

>  English language requirements: intermediate level and higher *

* knowledge of English is an important condition, as study process will be conducted in English. 

Portfolio must contain:

>  PDF format, no more than 10 pages

>  Size - not exceed 20 MB

>  Five projects maximum.

Projects must demonstrate your experience and capabilities. They might include examples of your design, architectural or urban projects, extracts from your written reports, publications, research and analytical work etc.

>  Sign your projects: title, year, explanation, significance and amount of work the candidate has conducted for the project.

Motivation essay which describes for what reason you want to become Studio#1 participant, what are your aims and objectives, your vision of professional activities after the graduation from Studio#1 etc. 


Letter of Recommendation is preferable**

Scan-copy of University Diploma. Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's degree**

Scan-copy of passport**

** translation is not required.

The application deadline is  August 2, 2015 at 23:59 (UA time). The required documents must be sent via e-mail: 


Public Program

CANactions has always been and continue to be the project open to every citizen of the city. Therefore, one of the key activities of the School is a regular Public Program.

School Public Program include open lectures, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, competitions, film screenings, online courses and other cultural events organized by the School from September to May during the academic year.

Issues of the School Public Program activities are related to the current issues and trends in urbanism. Particular attention will be paid to the Ukrainian cities? future in local and global context.

CANactions International Festival will be the culmination of the School public program. Except various events of the festival, there will be also presented the results of Studio work and the program for the next academic year.


Studio #1 curator

Urs Tomann – Swiss urban planner, co-founder of CANactions School for Urban Studies. Mr. Tomann sprecializes on strategic planning of the territory, integral transport systems, regeneration of mono functional areas, he focuses on connection between mobility and urban development. Mr. Tomann has a huge experience in urban planning. He consulted Moscow goverment about general master plan of the city. Since 2012 he curetted project of creating complex transport strategy of Vinnytsya and spatial development of the city.


Members of Advisory Board


Martino Tattara (DOGMA / ETH Studio Basel /Belgiumis)

Cofounder of famous Switzerland architectural  office and the head of research and teaching at Studio Basel: Contemporary City Institute at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH). He studied at the Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia and at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam. His main theoretical interest is the relationship between architecture and large-scale urban design.


Theo Hauben (Hauben Architecture and Urbanism / the Netherlands) 

Architect and urban designer, he is often involved in spatial tasks that were new and require typological innovation and originality. His experiences is now been evaluated to a way of strategically thinking and smart acting for business related inquires and initial assessment. His professional development makes it possible to combine well the knowledge of design processes with economics, marketing, research and corporate communications. Theo is business developer at diederendirrix architects; is board member Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam Foundation; visiting tutor at several schools. For various media he writes opinions on architecture, urbanism, construction industry and the real estate market.


Haris Piplas (Urban-Think Tank Chair  / ETH Zurich / Switzerland)

Urban architect and is affiliated with the Urban-Think Tank Chair of Brillembourg&Klumpner since 2011 where he coordinates the “Urban Design: Urban Stories” Lecture Series.  He is currently working on several initiatives concerning the urban transformations of post-socialist cities and the globally scaled knowledge transfer of socialist modernism. Some of his activities include the Editorship of the International Federation for Landscape Architects Europe Journal, the Steering Committee at the UN SCBD Network Mediver Cities and the Urban Land Institute Young Leaders Committee.


Short video of the Festival CANactions 2014 can be watched via:


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CANactions International Architectural Festival


Studio#1  from 14 Sep 2015- 18 Dec 2015


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