Kieran Donnellan (IRL)


The name of the workshop is CHAIR / Tutor Nursery.

This workshop is designed to teach participants the foundational skills necessary to be a competent tutor in the future, while learning about how to design and build furniture that will be donated to local charities.

The workshop is structured in 3 main phases:

1 - Individually, participants experiment with joinery techniques, leaning the basics of working with wood and using hand tools. They build a footstool which will be their first utilitarian structure.

2 - Working in pairs, participants will design and build their own chair with a concept that relates to Maltese culture, learning the basics of collaborating effectively and the history of Maltese culture.

3 - As a group the participants will learn to communicate effectively and clearly, and deal with some of the pressure of public speaking.

Upon completing this workshop, the participants will be in the unique position of having all of the core skills required to give them the best chance of undertaking their own significant workshops in EASA in the future.

Participants at this workshop can also be happy that the time and effort they spend will have a direct social benefit for the local Maltese population, through the donation of their furniture to charity. They will get to learn a lot and feel really good while doing it.

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