Our workshop will use Chaos as a concept to show the uniqueness of Veliko Tarnovo. As a living organism, city and its inhabitants are always in motion, they interact with each other and every interaction makes it different. Since the Chaos is something unique and unrepeatable, we will use sociological research to reveal symbiotic relationship between people and the city at this very point. 

1. All participants together will decide which symbiotic quality will take the main part of the research.Whether it's the points of the city with the most culturally diversed people hanging around or places that are the most appealing for the locals and tourists in the same time. Maybe the diversity of cuisine? Whatever we will decide, it will serve as the backbone of our structure. 

2. After all info is gained, we will use a holographic projection method to make an actual town scale model that will be defined by dots. The more diverse point, the more dense cluster of dots. And yeah - we are going to use a lot more analogue materials to do that. 

Laura Birina, architect(LV) 
Elena Zubure, architect (LV) 
Reinis Sokolovs, architect (LV)


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