City is my playground///EASA2014

The idea of our workshop is to introduce different types of street art techniques to our participants and than apply that knowledge on the site or on the creations of other workshops. 


If you have an idea on how you could collaborate with us, we are opened for any type of suggestions! Please let us know about your idea and we will do our best to make a "symbioza" with you!

During second half of the event, we'll be able to offer you highly trained participants that can: 

1. paint your structure or installation 
2. paint your participants with body-paint 
3. paint portraits of anyone on anything 
4. make a mural on your wall 
5. make a mural that plays with spectators perspective 
6. paint what ever comes to your mind (if you let us know what you want before the end of second deadline) 

We offer you our services in exchange for freedom to choose the style and the colors of what we will paint! 


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