CL Tangle///EASA2014

Weaving, swaying, tangling, springing….C.L.Tangle is about creating timber structures you have never seen before! 

C.L.Tangle is an experimental workshop into the capabilities of Cross-Laminated Timber, connected with rubber junctions to create fluid forms, interweaving with the urban and natural fabric of Veliko Tarnovo. This junction of steel and rubber liberates C.L.T from its rigid form to create structures which interact with its surroundings and users. Participants will first learn how to fabricate these junctions through mold making and pouring. Participants will then design a simple but adaptable structure which reacts, interacts and connects with its setting through a flowing timber form. 

Think of a lazy sun bench that can warp and bend into a rain or wind shelter, a cluster of benches that shift into an interactive play ground, its purpose, shape or meaning won't be clear until the spirit of easa takes over and all becomes one. 

Tutors : 

John Macken (IRE) - Architect / Architectural Technologist // Eoin McCooey (IRE) - C.L.T Consultant / Architectural Technologist // Eoin Kavanagh (IRE): Woodwork Teacher

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