Cloud Kinetik///EASA2015




Davor Eres (SRB)

Pavle Stamenovic (SRB)

Ana Sulkic (SRB)


The aim is to explore possibilities of creating ambivalent conditions in relation to city landscape through various interventions, producing ephemeral structures, effects and events. The methodology of work will emerge through creating a think-tank, perceiving the concept of motion and its relation to city landscape. In broader sense, this process should deal with concept of motion in terms of cityscape layers: historical, spatial, morphological, social. Through this process we will express the elusiveness of these layers in shifted conditions of distortion that we will create and perpetuate. The workshop is structured through several topics which refer to movement as a tool to define relations and multiply the perception of a city and its nature. For this we will use space in between nature and architecture as urban nature, the citadel and the sky above, the city walls and the surrounding sea. 

Working method is developed through large scale interventions which will create temporary conditions. We expect the participants to be involved in the whole process - from developing the concepts to setting up structures, as for documenting and exploring the effects.

Key words:  flows, flux, motion, stream, layering cityscape

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