Co. is a workshop challenging the concept of: 

Co.NCRETE: The workshop is an experiment consisting of individually designed pieces made of fabric formed concrete. 

Co.LLABORATION: Each participant builds their own unique piece, which would later become a symbiotical part of an entire connected structure. 

Co.NTEXT: The structure itself represents a stairway-like extension of the dead-end “Tunel” street, leading towards the alienated from the town of Veliko Tarnovo river Yantra. 

CO.NCISE info: 
We are: Elina Hadzhieva, architect, Bulgaria & Rosina Shatarova, architect/teacher, Bulgaria. 
We would like to: work with 10-12 participants.
We intend to: meet and greet the participants, go explore the surroundings of "Tunel" street in Veliko Tarnovo and build a team on workshop day 1; familiarize the participants with the craft of molding, get to know how concrete works and do some guerrilla-like small interventions around the EASA campus on workshop day 2; work on various concepts, present ideas and develop the common idea on workshop day 3; do some preparation on site and start installation of the supporting structure and formwork on workshop day 4; before the nice break on excursion day we plan to get our hand dirty and realize our shared idea for the next six workshop days; and while we wait for the concrete to dry we would present how it is done. 
We would need: some basic concrete compounds, plaster and metal net for reinforcement; some colors powders, glass fibers and other additives; different kinds of fabric and strings; containers and buckets varying in size; some timber or stainless metal for structural support; a concrete-mixer and some basic tools like shovels, trowels, gloves, etc. 

photo & video by Co.


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