Copenhagen Architecture Festival aim is to explore how architecture characterizes our lives and the world - and how our lives and the world affects the architecture.

The goal is to extend the idea of ​​what architecture is and can be. The architecture is much more than just bricks, space and environment. It is a sensual, physical, social, political and human size that seeps in everywhere in our lives.

The festival was founded in 2014 on the initiative of Josephine Michau, Peter Møller Rasmussen and Mads Farsø.

Since then the festival has grown in both scope and ambition and that is the 2016 program placed more than 150 events that provide a wide range of approaches to architecture. In 2015, the festival was expanded to include Aarhus and this year - in 2016 - branches out further to Aalborg. Both cities - as Copenhagen - has a strong architectural identity.

This means that in 2016 launched the two local festivals: Aarhus Architecture Festival (AAFX) and Aalborg Architecture Festival (ALAFx). The festival has also become part of the pan-European network Future Architecture like the particular contributes to the cultural capital year program for Aarhus 2017.

The festival is led by festival director Josephine Michau and creative director Mads Farsø.



Copenhagen Architecture Festival

10th - 20th March 2016




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