Formed by a group of young architects in Oran - ALGERIA, the collective «ART-ET» is destined to valorize the creative and innovative spirit which is today strongly imbued the youth of the country in General and young

artists in particular.

The collective is a platform, through competition and the confrontation of ideas, with the expression of the talents and immense capacities of our young architects, designers and other engineers for the benefit of their

cities and their cities.

Having today a mastery of new technologies and tools to work in their hands, these future major actors of the city constitute a force of proposal for the community and can thus contributing with it to the development

of the city and its changes.

"ART-ET" makes these goals its own. Inspired by the so-called "cart principle", the collective proposes to periodically organize the "Young Architects Competitions", an architectural competition, at its various scales, based on factual issues related to the city and to its spaces.

YAC SUMMER 2017 is:

A new way to live architecture

An international workshop for architecture lovers, in the form of HOLIDAYS !

A unique way to meet new people and share your ideas and your experience.

>> Young architect, architecture student, artist, you are under 32 ? YOU ARE WELCOME in YAC SUMMER 2017 !

>> From all over the world, 100 participants will make this holiday incredible. From 10 to 19 july 2017, in the beautiful city of Oran, ALGERIA.

>> SEA, SUN AND ARCHITECTURE; work, compete, discover the city, meet new people, enjoy the sea, have fun ! THIS IS YAC SUMMER 2017...

>> YAC SUMMER 2017 will take place in the fabulous Bey's Palace. Next to the mosque of the Pacha, is the old house of Hassan, tobacco merchant, became Bey of Oran in 1812. Built in 1700, the house was restored in 1900.
Composed of three parts, the Bey 's palace includes the diwan, the favorite' s pavilion and the harem as well as ancillary structures, including two major monuments, the red dungeons built in 1345, the Merinid era during the reign of ' Abu El Hassan El Merini and the former Spanish barracks which had served as stables.

>> The event will be from 10 to 19 july, and will involve 100 participants, divided in groups and followed by tutors who will provide all necessary materials for work.

>> DIGITAL DESIGN. During the workshop, participants will be asked to define a concept and a master plan, through sketches, diagrams and drawings, and than they have to produce a free hand designed A2 format table, and a 3D model in 1:20 scale.

>>>First registration period: 26 APRIL - 30 MAY

>>>Second registration period 30 MAY - 30 JUNE

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