Since 2015, Critical Concrete researches on urban, sustainable architectural and design strategies and refurbishes socially relevant places through its theoretical and practical educational programme.

The summer school program suits anyone — architects, architecture & design students, makers, engineers — interested in the theory of sustainable architecture,getting physically involved in the construction work and have a tangible social impact. In this process, summer school participants design and refurbish entirely an inhabited social type of house, selected with the local district municipality and social workers,  that could not normally be improved by its occupants or covered by public funding.

On top of rehabilitating social housing, they also conduct refurbishment projects for cultural and public spaces. These projects serve as connective tissues in neighborhoods that we work closely with.

They operate the first production centre in the neighborhood of Ramalde with the vision combining co-working, and co-building facilities in the same place. Ideas and techniques of sustainable and repairable construction processes are being developed in the centre. Social events such as workshops, team-buildings, movie sessions with vegetarian dinners, yoga classes are organised on a regular basis.

>>30/07 – 19/08/2018 
>>DEADLINE to apply: 27TH of MAY

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