Digital Atmospheres///EASA2015




Georgios Kyriazi (CYP)

Kristis Alexandrou ( CYP)


Our aim is to assemble an interactive space which through its behavior will stimulate different atmospheres. A series of questions will be investigated through the design and evaluation of an interactive pavilion. The form of the pavilion takes the shape of a room, the simplest and one of the most primitive forms of space, defined as an orthogonal enclosed corridor - referencing as such a spatial characteristic of the architecture prevalent in Malta, tunnels.

The system consist of a series of actuators and sensors. The activation, as well as the range of influence of the system, will be algorithmically computed by the Easians. Possible parameters that participants may examine include the density of people that pass through space, their speed, their stature. New atmospheres will emerge altering the experience of the space and its meaning through the reaction of the users. 

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