Sofia, Bulgaria

14 th -24th MArch 2016





DIGITAL FABRICATION WORKSHOP is an accompanying event to an exhibition of architectural projects, made and realized with Bulgarian specialists in Africa and the Near-East from 1960 to 1990. 

The workshop will take place from 14 to 24.03.2016 in Studio Projectirane in Sofia, Bulgaria. The  studio is part of the University of architecture, engineering and geodesy in Sofia from 2012 and it's aim is to be an atelier for the architectural students, as well as an exhibition, event and artistic space. Through the workshop, the participants will acquire key skills in working with Rhinoceros and will get to know with the latest technologies in 3D printing. Subsequently, they will have to make a 3D model 

of the solid buildings in Africa and the Near-Est, which will be exhibited in Vivacom Art Hall. The participants in the workshop will have the opportunity to meet with some of the emblematic architects and engineers, who took part in the projects.


How to participate?

There was and introducing meeting on 29.02.2016 in Studio Projectirane which presented the themes and some of the buildings, which will be modeled during the workshop, so as to get the public involved and, eventually, interested in participating.


Why participate?

- Participants will get to know some solid buildings and complicated constructions, realized in Africa and the Near-East, as well as their architects and engineers.

- They will form and develop base skills in modeling with Rhinoceros.

- They will get to know with the newest technologies in 3D printing.

- They will get to know how to print in 3D in the most efficient way.

- The 3D models will be presented in an exhibition in June, and in other consequent events in the 




Anna Mitkova, 

Graduate in Interior design in architecture,

3D print designer

Konstantin Doganov,

Design Morphine,Architect and 3D visualization

Ali Hussein

KMAN Studio 



Zlatko Yanakiev

Elena Balabanska



The workshop will take place in 9 consecutive days (without Sunday and Saturday) in Studio 

Projectirane, from 9.30 to 17.30H. Every day there will be a presentation/exercise for 3D modeling in 

the afternoon on a previously precised schedule.

Past experience with Rhinoceros is not obligatory. The participants will work in groups of two or three 

to discuss the form and the construction of the building and to chose which is the major aspect of it 

they would eventually print in 3D.

The models will be exhibited under the theme of Bulgarian projects in Africa and the Near-East, which 

is organised in June in Vivacom Art Hall by the team Punct'o.



The participants will have to use their own computers with installed Rhinoceros or a trial version.

Other necessary software :


Auto CAD



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