The European Architecture Students’ Assembly (EASA) is anetwork of architecture students from all over the continent. Every summer this event takes place in a different country whereby 500 design students, graduates and tutors live together in a self-sustaining, community-like setting. The Assembly takes place over two weeks and includes lectures, building and theoretical workshops, as well as other cultural and architectural endeavors. EASA acts as a platform for the exchange of social, architectural and cultural experiences.

The main focus of the summer assembly is the workshops, where around 30 groups of students work on a small project for 2 weeks. The workshops are always linked to the main theme of each summer assembly but they can range from discussing hypotheses and concepts to photography of local people to cooking of food and to the construction of small houses. At the end the 2 weeks everyone is able to present what they have developed and produced throughout the assembly. The workshops allow the participants to broaden their thinking, share knowledge and learn new skills.




In the summer of 2016 for the first time in the history of EASAthis event will be held in Nida and Lithuania on July 22 - August 07, 2016.


The accommodation place of EASA 2016 is currently abandoned soviet guest house „Golden Dunes“ built in 1964 and reconstructed in 1988. This building has not been functioning as a guest house for the last 9 years and will be opened just for the purpose of EASA 2016. 

The EASA entertainment and workshops place for the two weeks of the event will be the public canteen near the beach of the Baltic Sea. A big project for the time, the construction of the canteen started in 1983, but was never ever finnished and the remains are still standing as were left. 

Nida Art Colony will be our workshops and other activities venue. It is a new subdivision of the Vilnius Academy of Arts, opened in March 2011. The Colony is a meeting place for experienced and emerging artists, designers, architects, curators, art critics and researchers from around the world. Artistic, curatorial and educational process are the core activities.


The theme of EASA 2016 is:

                                                                                      NOT YET DECIDED

The concept of the theme comes from Erwin Schrödinger's cat experiment. As to keep it short and simple, here is our explanation of the experiment. Imagine you put a cat in a box with a bomb that in one hour has a 50/50 chance of killing the cat or keeping it alive. What happens after one hour? Common sense says, that the cat is either dead or alive. But Schrodinger points out that at the instance before the box is opened that cat is at the superposition - both dead and aliveat the same time. We believe that Nida is both dead and alive at the same time and EASA 2016 is going to open the box.

Nida, as any other place in the world, is facing a lot of factors, that are making impact on its existence. Either these factors are natural or social, economical or political. The natural sand dunes of Nida - one of the biggest in the world - on the one hand are so precious and beautiful, but on the other hand they might bury the town under sand as it happened many years ago. What do we care more - the natural or the urban part of Nida? There are several massive soviet buildings in Nida, that are stuck in time, abandoned for many years. On one hand we want them to be renovated and functioning, on the orther hand the laws are so complicated that almost no one wants to go that way. Nida is at the superposition - both dead and alive at the same time - not yet decided.



Any architecture student or recent graduate can apply tobecome a participant of EASA 2016. The application process is organized by each country individually. The deadline for application is set to the 18th of April.

There is a participation fee, which is calculated for each country individually. It covers food (breakfast, lunch, dinner), accommodation, workshops and many many more things that will be happening during the two weeks of your stay. Select your country to see the fee.

If you are interested in becoming a part of EASA 2016, please get in touch with your National EASA Contacts. See the list on the website.







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