The 34th European Architecture Students Assembly took place last summer in Veliko Tarnovo, former capital of Bulgaria.


Around 500 young, emerging architects and artists from over 50 countries around Europe and beyond gathered up in the city of Veliko Tarnovo to take part in a 2-week festival of workshops, lectures, social interaction and monumental experiences. The concept of this annual, pioneering summer-assembly was established in Liverpool in 1981 by local students, determined of organizing an event which would later on revolutionize the international scene of young European architects. Many well-known architects have taken part in some EASA editions.


EASA (European Architecture Students Assembly) is a platform for cultural and education exchange, connecting Architecture students and professionals from all European countries, and in recent years from all over the world. EASA does not exist as an international legitimate body, and has no chairman or any type of directors, but instead is build up of equal representatives spread throughout the whole continent. The assembly is organized by students for students and so provides a unique platform for education where the cultural experience is life changing. EASA gives a chance to experience architecture in a way that universities are unable to provide – it brings students to a certain context, defined by the location and theme of the assembly, where they have to raise architectural questions themselves and investigate them through the eyes of all European cultures simultaneously. Being their own educators, students then elaborate the answers and bring them to reality.

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Alexandra Knochenko

In theory every European student of architecture is part of EASA and is connected to the network through their National Contact (NC). These NCs come together once a year at the INCM (Intermediate National Contacts Meeting), typically in October, to discuss any issues that are facing the network and to choose the venue for the following INCM and EASA summer event.


The theme of EASA 2014, Symbiosis, seeks to advocate among students of architecture the feeling of oneness of all natural and social phenomena and the non-superiority of the architect in building the world of tomorrow.


This theme aims to investigate architecture as part of a complex network, where every element is substantially affected by the behaviour of all others.


The purpose was to involve non-architects in EASA2014- be it as tutors, participants or lecturers - to share their views,and to rethink architecture in symбиоза with professionals from divergent spheres of activity – sculptors, painters, musicians, actors psychologists, historians, philosophers, politicians, sociologists, anthropologists, writers, marketing managers, public relations, hairdressers, cooks, dancers, you


39 different workshops were developed in Veliko Tarnovo:

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You can find more information about the different workshops  in the facebook page. We will also inform you about some of the more innovative or interesting workshops that took place there.


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Alexandra Knochenko

Alexandra Knochenko

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