Elcasc is a festival that aims to investigate and transform aspects of the historic city centre’s social and urban fabric, settling a testing ground dedicated to the study of the problems and the urban, social, cultural and technological stengths.

theparticipants come from many places around the world and work or study many different fields in order to enhance a intercultural and multidisciplinar vision in the course of all the activities. The participants will be the engine of the festival, being the ones who will think, debate, design, develop and sharing the works developed in situ in a practical way throught the experience and the guidance of the tutors.

theworkshops will devise and deliver a series of low-costarchitectural, artistic, socio-cultural and technological interventions that can be seen in the future as a reference related to the theme of elCASC.


The old district of Villena is an unrivalled setting where to put in the studies in practice and relate the works to the place taking into account the presence and opinion of the neighbours and the local people.



Young Planning Professionals Award recognised in 2014 the work of elcasc as a real integral and practical tool for the urban planning of the historical city centre of Villena. The award celebrated the capacity of the festival to bring together, coordinate and get involved all the different stakeholders related to the urban regeneration (institutions, neighbors, university and businesses) in a positive and enjoyable way.


Event on Social and Cultural Activation of Historical Center
Villena, Spain. 23 Jul-01 Aug 2015


elCasc intends to coordinate and involve all the urban planning stakeholders and settle itself as an integral, participative and academical testing ground event for the urban planning process.


















elCasc is a festival that aims to investigate and transform the historic city centre’s by studying the urban, social, cultural and technological problems and stengths. The festival consists in a series of workshops, lectures and activities during 10 summer days. All objectives are accomplished in a professional and playful environment encouraging learning and creativity of the participants. The workshops devise and deliver low-cost architectural, artistic, socio-cultural and technological interventions that can be seen as a reference for the urban development of the city.


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The festival will consist in a serie of workshops, lectures and activities during 10 summer days, all objectives will be accomplished in a professional and playful environment encouraginglearning and creativity of the participants.

thetutors who will lead the workshops will be young, experienced and passionate in every one of the diferent disciplines taken into account for the general organization of the event.


The theme of study at the event consists in the drawing on and celebration of the city’s local heritage and socio-cultural patterns, its recovering and strenghting as a basic main feature for the local development.

theneighbours of the historical city centre and all the people related to this district of Villena will be an important agent because of their ability to run in time all the studies and works developed during the days of the event.

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