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Sensible City is a communication, creation and research collective space that reflects on new models of making a city from a transdisciplinar perspective. Its format gathers a number of practical workshops, lectures, discussions and activities which in a week, will look for the reactivation of the social and urban fabric of our city. We intend to promote this new way of understanding a city through a knowledge expanded program. Sensible City appears in it as an open source model, active and inclusive, capable of promoting new construction dynamics, through which citizens get back the real leading role in the transformation of their environment, thanks to a more open and participative management. The public space thus picks up its position as an active place to build culture and citizenship.


Sensible City, as well as Carpe Via, are born from the concern over the traditional methods and policies of making a city. It is born from the necessity of understanding both architecture and urbanism as two more inclusive and open disciplines, capable of giving a real response to the needs of citizens. 

As we are aware of the fact that the social and political context has changed, and also aware of the capability of the development of new urban initiatives and projects to give a response to this new context, we decided to transfer this new way of understanding urbanism — and other linked disciplines — to universities. The objective is to think — to generate working networks in order to study the consequences of these new methods. But, most of all, the objective is to take action for the transformation of our city. This project rises from the collective “Carpe Via”. Since 2013, Sensible City has been carried out through workshops, lectures, discussions and experiences.


It rises from the contact with other projects, networks and initiatives at national and international evel. An example is the International Design Seminar (INDESEM) in Delft, in which part of Carpe Via — who at the moment was not a defined group — had the change to participate. Other networks like #meetcommons in Madrid, thinkcommons, Collective Architectures, think cities or Civic Wise in London, have helped to uplift and extend the project.


Sensible City intends to be a swap space, where ideas can be developed and brought to life in a collective way, through networking between the different agents implicated in the evolution of urbanism and other disciplines linked to public space management and transformation. From Carpe Via it is considered that, both universities and institutions related to innovation, research, construction and management of the social and the urban, should become a part of the project so that these ways of working could soak through the professional practice and the imaginary of all the figures involved in said processes.


Smart Citizen vs Smart City /// No Smart Citizen, No Smart City.

* Shared Responsibility between Citizens: discussions between citizens, technicians and the administration in the management and usage of the city. 

*Open Data: open information swap relationships. 

*Prosumer Citizen: access to the source. The citizen as an active agent of change and spatial builder. 

Reactivation of the Public Space 

*Common Urban Space Recovery: public space as a place to build citizenship and collective intelligence. 

*Physical and Digital Hybridization of the Public Space: the digital as another layer in the city that produces new communication dynamics and public discussions. 

*City as Support: the urban as a platform to learn, participate and rewrite the established source. 

Professional Field 

*Interdisciplinarity: cooperation between disciplines as a technical base to an inclusive urbanism. 

*Professional Amateur: professional practice as a permanent interaction exercise between the known, the concrete and the unknown. Professional people as facilitators of the participative construction processes. 

*New Frontiers to Urbanism: the urban project as an open process and in a permanent beta state. 

Open Source City 

*Alternative methods and tools for the management and the transformation of the urban in open source. 

*Permanent Beta Position – Modification of the Public Space 

*Technical, Political and administrative challenges. 

*Conditions for participating in Sensible City (being a student, being from a particular nationality, languages in which it is given, selection…) 

*It is about a seminar that intends to have a real repercussion in the transformation of the city. Therefore it is a project completely open to all types of profiles.




In this edition, Sensible City seeks to explore and to prototype the needed tools and infrastructures for the development of an open source city model, as well as the consequences and conceptual, technical and political challenges that this transition to the future presents. We pose an adaptive urbanism, in permanent beta, spontaneous, capable of promoting new dynamics where the citizens get back the real leading role in the transformation of their environment, thanks to a more open and participative management; versus a rigid urbanism, comfortable with urban projects that order usages, areas and expectations.


[The Workshops] 


The intervention is set in some workshops. There, a series of architectonic, artistic, technological, social and cultural interventions of different scale and nature will be made. These look for “infrastructurize” “El jardín de la ermita de Orriols” in Valencia (Spain). The last objective is the transformation of that space through a temporary intervention which will provide the infrastructures needed to enable new usages, dynamics and relationships in the zone. The neighbours will be involved in the design, management and construction of their district.



Activities : Complete program 





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