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River Yantra carved up the shape and history of Veliko Tarnovo and breathed life into the city. Nowadays, the eyes of the people are focused on the city, while the river flows steadily, forgotten. With this workshop, we would like to open the eyes of Veliko Tarnovo to the forgotten opportunites that lay hidden on the banks of Yantra. 
Our participants will be invited to establish new connections betwen the old city center and the river banks. We will delve deep into the urban tissue of Veliko Tarnovo, observe -eye- the city, explore its physical and mental landscapes and find our own points of interest – dots. These dots will be marked with chosen 
actions, symbols, materials, expressions. Each dot will be connected to the other, guiding the bodies and minds towards the Yantra river, where participants will complete the new connection, by working on their chosen intervention with open eyes and free hands, bringing the focus back to Yantra – dotting her eye. 

We would like to invite tutors to collaborate with us on any level. As the workshop has an open outcome, we will encourage our participants to explore the city, think about their actions, experiment with materials and graphics and express themselves in any way imaginable. You are kindly invited to join us, either by helping us research with your bodies,minds and of course computers, playing the game of chance, rolling the dice and 
marking the dots with your incredible stencil collection, working with us on the use of materials, graphics or just landing a hand when working on the intervention. 

Tutors / Slovenia
Barbara Škraba – architect 
Kaja Avberšek – designer, illustrator, comic artist 
Tamara Rijavec – architect


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