6-8 April  2016




The Funding the Cooperative City – Budapest workshop explores experiments in community-led urban development in European cities.
















The event is free of charge. To participate at the site visits and afternoon workshops, please send us a short motivation letter.

About Funding the Cooperative City:

The Funding the Cooperative City – Budapest workshop brings together protagonists to help shaping a new European culture of urban development based on community investment, cooperative ownership and civic economic models.














The self-organization of new spaces of work, culture and social welfare has been made possible by various socio-economic circumstances: unemployment, solidarity networks, changing real estate prices and ownership patters created opportunities for stepping out of the regular dynamisms of real estate development. In some cases, cooperative ownership structures exclude the possibility of real estate speculation, in others, new welfare services are integrated in local economic tissues, relying on unused resources and capacities. The new cooperative development processes also witnessed the emergence of new types of investors, operating along principles of ethics or sustainability.


Funding the Cooperative City – Budapest is part of the Funding the Cooperative City series, bringing together protagonists of emerging community-led real estate development projects from all over Europe in a series of workshops and joint research. The project’s objective is to highlight the potentials of new, community-based logics of urban development, and to inspire new commitments and frameworks enabling similar experiments to unfold.The Budapest workshop aims at establishing an expert network to facilitate experimentation in alternative finance and community investment in the revitalisation of vacant properties.






















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Preliminary schedule

Wednesday April 6
14-17h What are the potentials of community-led urban development in Budapest? / Stakeholder workshop – in Hungarian
18-21h Community investment in urban regeneration processes / Roundtable discussion – in Hungarian


Thursday April 7 
10-13h Site visits / Művelődési Szint + Open! Festival
14-17h How to build meaningful partnerships in community-led urban development / Stakeholder workshop – in English
18h Cooperative City Development / Roundtable discussion with Pakhuis de Zwijger (Amsterdam), Stipo(Rotterdam), Holzmarkt / Mörchernpark (Berlin), Make a Point (Bucharest), Stealth / Who Builds the City (Amsterdam/Belgrade), Largo Residencias / Ateliermob (Lisbon), VIC (Madrid) Open Jazdow(Warsaw), KÉK (Budapest)


Friday April 8
10-13h Site visits / Jurányi Inkubátorház + Átrium Film-Színház
14-17h How to create sustainable economic models? / Stakeholder workshop – in English
18h Funding the Cooperative City / Roundtable discussion with Shuffle (London), ExRotaprint(Berlin), Stara Trznica (Bratislava), Packhaus (Vienna), Nod Makerspace (Bucharest), Stiftung Trias (Hattingen), space&matter (Amsterdam), CLAC (Palermo)










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