Garden of [REST]oration///EASA2015




Bobby Pace (MT) 

James Licari (MT)


The workshop is focused around creating a thorough experience of the conservation/restoration processes, from research and documentation to hands on physical restoration. The workshop will have three parts.

(1) Discussions and talks regarding the historical background and importance of the site, The Garden of Rest, as well as understanding restoration in Malta.

(2) The actual restoration of different parts of a beautiful garden including a bastion wall that forms part of the fortifications of Valletta. Participants will be; abseiling on the side of fortifications, clearing the area, mixing mortar and repointing.

(3) Documentation of the cemetery and its many ruins and compiling of a visual glossary of the site. The finished product would be to see the area of the bastion wall completely restored and include a booklet about the deterioration processes taking place in the cemetery.

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