September 9th-18th,2015

Portopetro, Mallorca,Spain


Genoa Summer School 3 (GSS3) is based in the Jørn Utzon house in Maiorca, the house he build for himself in 1971. The summer school will focus on designing a building, through drawing, modeling and discussion in groups.

The students will work in groups of three, the professors will work in couple. Each four days the professors will change and the only constant in the project will be provided by the students.

The students will design a small building related to long term or short term hospitality. The building will be made of twelve rooms. A jury will evaluate the final projects.




Sam Jacob (AA – London) 

Vittorio Pizzigoni (Scuola Politecnica – Genova)

Simona Malvezzi (Kuehn Malvezzi) 

Guro Sollid (Royal Danish Academy- København)

Carmen Andriani (Scuola Politecnica – Genova) 

Morten Meldgaard (Royal Danish Academy - København)


Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes (AKKA architects) 

Andreas Lechner (TU - Graz) 

Valter Scelsi (Scuola Politecnica - Genova) 

Pier Paolo Tamburelli (UIC - Chicago)


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Genoa Summer School 3 (GSS3) in collaboration with the Royal Danish Academy


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