Göteborgs Stadstriennal 2015

16-19 September 2015

Göteborg, Sweden


Gothenburg Stadstriennal 

Kajskjul 113, Freeport 11, Gothenburg


Welcome to the three creative days of the city in the future. Seminars, workshops, talks, byggemenskapsmässa, film screenings, art and much more - all with a focus on urban development, new housing and common rooms.

Stadstriennalen is a regular meeting place and exhibition focused on urban development in general and Gothenburg urban development in particular.

Urban is an open activity in time and space, with a variety of interests and actors.The visible traces in the city preceded by a long decision-making that aims to balance the interests that are often in conflict with each other. How do we create a whole that is greater than the parts?


Who is Gothenburg Stadstriennal for?

Stadstriennalen 16 to 19 September 2015, for both industry and the public. 
We invite the industry to in-depth discussions in the conference form on Thursday and Friday. The public is welcome to listen to seminars on availability.

Stadstriennalen will promote new collaborations between participants and highlighting ideas to which direction Gothenburg is on the way.

If the seminar program

Thursday and Friday we take a grip on today's open issues in urban development.We have gathered a wide range of actors who will share their thoughts and experiences, and invite to the larger conversation in a unique environment. Seats are limited.

Compere: Lars Mogensen, known among other things Philosophical room and radio, leading speakers and discussions.

Something for you? 
The seminars are aimed primarily at people working professionally with urban development.

The seminars are also open to the public, subject to availability.

Cost to attend for all days 
2500 - incl. VAT for professionals 
500: - incl. VAT for participants as students, researchers and stakeholders from NGOs.

The price includes a reserved seat for all seminars, socializing, lunch (Thursday + Friday) and coffee.

obs. Registration closed.

If the activity program

Take part in workhops, enjoy the movies and see models of how it will be built in Gothenburg. Follow on bike safari, see a performence and dance to techno. A variety of concurrent units in and around Kajskjul 113. All have free entry.

If you have questions, you are welcome to contact us at stadstriennalen@goteborg.se


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Göteborgs Stadstriennal 2015


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