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Guerrilla Gardening///EASA2014

It is for this purpose that we will now explain something about our mission. Since giving away our tactics is truly against the nature of Guerrilla’s we will keep this brief. Those who need to understand will understand. 

Our mission: Symbiosis 
We are aiming for a multi-layered symbiosis. The fusion of nature and city, of EASIANS and community, of now and the future is our goal. We will not leave before we have created a synergy between EASIAN and EASIAN, workshop and workshop, and the spontaneous and the planned. 

Our weapon: Guerrilla Gardening 
Herbs, sprouts, trees, flowers, grasses, vegetables and every other imaginable green type will become part of the city and other workshops. We will plant on multiple locations and in different creative forms. As a whole, all the green compositions will form the guerrilla garden; a subtle but powerful green network with green in forms and places you do not expect. 

Through the act of planting, a non-physical symbiosis will be created between EASIANS, between EASIANS and local community and EASIAN and nature. The result forms the physical symbiosis of city and nature, of different plant types (possibly from different countries) and of building workshops and nature. Moreover guerrilla gardening will create a symbiosis which is both non-physical and physical; the symbiosis between the spontaneous and the planned. 

Guerrilla: power and tactics 
The power of guerrilla‘s is based on a symbiosis between people. A relatively small group of people (±20) can invade larger structures and forces by their synergetic energy. Their success is based on a symbiosis with the site itself. Our mission will therefore consist of a search for inspiring places and constructions and problem areas where the potentials of green are not or insufficiently used. After choosing locations a close analysis into local plant species, growing methods, local climate and potential future care takers will make us ready to start. Taking the two weeks of EASA in mind, greens in different stages and with different developing times will be used: from seed to plant and from sprout to tree. 


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