HandPawer final///EASA2014

Considering the everlasting relationship between man and nature as the archetype of the idea of Symbiosis, handPAWER workshop intents to zoom-in a part of it: the coexistence of people and animals. 

In cooperation with local animal friendly organisations, this workshop will attempt to design and construct physical models that satisfy their needs – either for hosting animals, or for training and recreational purposes. Also, another parallel challenge comes in question: The proposed designs should take into consideration the overall construction costs, as they must be wallet-friendly, easy-to-make, versatile enough and of a DIY philosophy, for any animal welfare organisation or individual that wish to reproduce them after the end of EASA 2014 . 

There are several other parameters to be examined during the creative process of design, starting from the fact that the final residents belong to a different species, of a scale minor to the human one. How different can the design for an abandoned / stray animal be than the one for a domestic pet? What is the motivation of the people working or volunteering for animal welfare organisations? Plus, how can architectural design promote the well-being of an animal? 

The handPAWER workshop will be organised in two parts. During the first week of the workshop, the participants will paying a visit to a local dog/cat hotel in order to understand the conditions animals usually live in. After that comes the brainstorming, where they will work in teams in order to translate their experience and thoughts in small 1:1 models (such as dog cradles, bird houses etc). During the second week, all participants will work together in making diverse type of objects needed by animals. 


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