25 June - 11July , 2016

Bergen ,Norway

Hardbakka 2016 :: Memento Mori


In the 4th year of the Hardbakka Ruins Project, we invite participants to reflect on the death of industrial architecture. Several industrial and military sites around Bergen - including the Hegreneset grain silo designed by architect Per Grieg, military bunkers in Sandviken and the famous German WWII submarine bunker ‘Bruno’ in Laksevåg - anchor our discussion about the shifting role of security and the changing nature of labour practices.


Ruins act as emblems in the built environment, used to prop up political and historical myth-making. What can we learn today from these leftover spaces concerning contemporary ideas of work and production? What does their disuse or obsolescence tell us about the current economic and political situation? How has the idea of work been altered over the last century? How is the city of Bergen ‘secured’ today?


During the 1-week workshop, we will visit, map and trace several former industrial and military sites in the Bergen area to gather research for a collaborative exhibition. Throughout the workshop we will also have regular discussions about the changing landscape of contemporary capitalism - from theories concerning the widespread ‘feminization’ of labour (generalized precarity, waning social security) to the ever-insidious practices of ‘securing’ individuals and nations.


The Hardbakka Ruins Project invites artists, architects, designers, filmmakers, theorists, geographers, historians (and more) to apply for our 2016 workshop in Bergen, Norway, taking place from Saturday June 25th - Monday July 4th.


Please send a selection of relevant work to: hardbakkaruins@gmail.com

The deadline for applications is April 1st, 2016.

Organizing committee: Dan Dorocic, Philipp von Hase, Alison Hugill, Maria Johnsson, Lars Tørressen


*Funding will be available for exhibition materials. Travel expenses must be covered by participants. No additional fees.


Terms and conditions



  •      June 25- July 4 (workshop)

  •      July 4 - 11 (exhibition)


Application Requirements

- Portfolio of relevant work including images, videos, etc



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Mail Contact: hardbakkaruins@gmail.com



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