Let's start from hay in its various forms, packaged and in bulk, and interpret this change in status as inspired by traditional types of hay storage and by accumulating hay into sheaves. Let's design using a haybale as a basic module. Rectangular, cylindrical, big, small: doesn't matter. Let's change our point of view.Let's be influenced by the strong aroma of hay, and dream about rurality. Let's play! 

In the first part of the workshop the participants will approach hay design and develop a project, individually or in team. The second part will mainly consist of building the resulting sculptures/installations. 

The aim is to produce a series of prototypes of landscape furniture, to be used by everyone in the contest of the EASA. With unpredictable results! 

TUTORS: ALESSANDRO ZORZETTO, architect (Venice IUAV / Lisbon UTL) // FRANCESCA MODOLO, artist (ABA Venice / ABA Bologna) // LUCIANO ALDRIGHI, architect (Venice IUAV / Rennes ENSAB) > members of RURAL BOXX (Venice, IT) 


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