I I I///EASA2015




Paul Poinet (FR)

Fabrice Wack (FR)


INVENT a shape and uses

It will start with a long discussion with in the team, between participant and tutors. A brainstorming that will focus on the spaces and their program that we want to fabricate and install in our inflatables.

It is also an attempt to introduce participant to the fundamentals of computational design, in order to create customized forms that we would create all together on site. 


Once we decided what the team want to create and that the design is finish. We would start the production on site by cutting the pattern resulting from the geometries/shapes, taping it together and finally inflating it. Yes, our main tool, is AIR!

INHABITATE inflatables 

On site all installation will be able to catalyze interaction, inside or outside of it. Our team and users strongly inspired by the surroundings will be able to interact all together in new spaces.

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Photos by Alexandra Kononchenko

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