IAHsummer2018 is a creativity and urban regeneration festival.
Young architects and designers will live an experience of a network, interaction with the territory, and fun.
During the festival young emerging professionals and experts will give lectures on architectural design, self-construction and communication.

Promoted by Archistart, IAHsummer2018 will be the place where social innovation, regeneration, architecture and design meet.

IAHsummer18 workshop will take place at “Ostello del Sole” Lecce from 1st to 8th August 2018, and will involve young people divided into teams and followed by tutors.

IAHsummer2018 edition is divided into 3 workshops:

Architectural Design

At the architectural design workshop, participants will study the design topics identified by Lecce’s coastal areas regeneration program. The architectural design workshop consists of an initial concept phase, followed by a phase of detailed design and production of technical drawings.


The self-construction workshop will be focused on the construction of installations for the regeneration of San Cataldo’s waterfront, in Lecce. The installations will be built in the area in front of Ostello del Sole to experiment an alternative use of the promenade. The self-construction workshop starts from a preliminary project that is detailed and built by the participants.


The communication workshop participants will work side by side with the other two workshops in order to create a graphic and visual identity of the projects.

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IAHsummer18_International Architecture&design Holiday

1st- 8th AUGUST_2018

San Cataldo, Lecce / Italy





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