Idee Fix///EASA2015




Marilin Kaup (EST)

Liina Soosaar (EST)

Karl Annus (EST)


Architecture is everywhere around us. After starting architecture studies, one starts to look at things around us differently. As well as doubt in dogmas and habits, and question the essence of these things, that are all part of living in this world.

We have seen architects designing boats and treehouses on EASA, but we haven’t seen those designing clothes and everyday objects. Smart ideas can be adapted to different fields and this workshop gives the opportunity to bring them together.

We encourage participants to create multifunctional objects and use public space as a satellite for personal items. For example, why not use your own jacket as a mobile house or a swing? Interdisciplinary will also be used in working methods - like adapting methods and techniques used in product or furniture design in designing clothes. We feel that this workshop has a reference to “the small interventions” workshop, as the idea is to improve the world around us - make the world a better place through smart ideas. The starting point for the workshop is today’s changing urban lifestyle, which has become more nomadic and is therefore redefining design.

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