This workshop will focus on the symбиоза between people from different generations. Бабilion will be the space where elder people can meet the young generations. These two social groups need to interact and exchange experiences, ideas, thoughts... This symbiosis attempts to bring the young spirit together with the wisdom and lead to a never ending renaissance. Бабilion will shelter this process. 

This is a compound workshop. Бабilion will be a permanent pavilion, built by timber. Our purpose is to use reciprocal frame structures and convey the endless revival of the inhabitants to structure. The process of the construction will be crucial. We will find and build shapes together. The challenge is to create a place that will welcome both elder and young people, reflect their memories, their symbiosis and finally their renaissance. 

Materials: timber from softwood such as cedar, pine, spruce with dimensions of 200*15*4.5 (cm). 
Electric drills and screwdrivers, hammers, nails, ropes, wire. 

Georgia Davveta, Architect (NTUA, University of Edinburgh) 
Despoina Thomaidou, Architect (AUTH, University of Edinburgh)


You can find out more information about reciprocal frame structures in the uploaded video and in this link: 



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