The Imaginarium///EASA2014

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Building atmospheres and architectural pleasure 

Want to materialize your dream? Want to transform your surroundings - instantly? We will create and transform spaces to play with your mind, where atmospheres bring you closer to the imaginary, surreal and strangely pleasant. We are the imaginarium of EASA – join us in the search for sensual architecture. 

Investigating sensory aspects of architectural experience we want to transform ordinary city spaces into light, playful, imaginary and mystical ones. Rather than architectural objects, the Imaginarium makes spaces of sensation and attracts people with elements of wonder and surprise. 

What is the surreal? What is the feeling of an irrational space? We wish to investigate the sensory aspects of architectural experience. We believe that collective imagination brings us further than individual ideas. Can we escape the rational society? Can we make adults play? How do we find architectural pleasure? How can Veliko Tarnovo take us beyond the ordinary? 

We will study the art of atmosphere and natural phenomena like fog, shadow, reflection and movement. Based on techniques used by architectural artists like Olafur Eliasson, we will explore how we can build with non- or barely- solid building materials like fabric, light and air, obscuring and altering the world around us. The city is our studio and we are not afraid to experiment. Armed with our tool box we will invade the city and hunt for places for transformation. There we will make temporary installations, testing peoples' behaviour and movements in the space and their willingness to interact with it. The city becomes our stage. 

The first week we will learn, explore, imagine, test, have fun, and install some neat transformatory tests. Studying atmospheres, we will develop rapid ideas together and install them immediately. Since we build fast we have the luxury of time for improvement, and can dive deeper into techniques of the participants’ choices. During the second week we will, based on experiences from the first week focus on one or two main installations, either as a narrative journey trough a collective of sensorary spaces or a focus on one significant idea. 

The final result will be one or several ephemeral large scale installations for EASA participants and residents of Veliko Tarnovo to enjoy. 


Maya Laitinen (NO/UK) - AA School of Architecture 
Liv Framgard (NO/DK) - Aarhus School of Architecture Alumni


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