International Workshop DAEE,

Master’s Degree in Ephemeral Spaces Design and Architecture

João Pessoa,Paraíba, Brasil

22nd-27th February 2016





This year 2016, Pós DAEE (Master’s Degree in Ephemeral Spaces Design and Architecture) from the Institute of Higher Education in Paraíba (IESP) will celebrate the second edition of the International Workshop. In addition to promote a collective space to share and incorporate new ideas about ephemeral architecture, the goal of the International DAEE Workshop is to generate opportunities to share experiences with professionals specialized in the production of urban interventions outside Brasil.

The first edition was celebrated in January 2015 by Susana Piquer (Barcelona). The result was the intervention Zito, carried out in Plaza Rio Branco, in the historic center of João Pessoa. The second edition of the International DAEE Workshop will be provided by the Spanish architect * Javier Peña Ibáñez, who will use the same method to develop an ephemeral intervention in an area of the city, in collaboration with the participants.

The Workshop will be celebrated from the 22nd to the 27th of February, from Tuesday to Saturday, with a class load of 30 hours. If you want to apply, visit Pós DAEE’s website.

In addition to carrying out the International DAEE Workshop, Javier will start the year with a conference about his work in Spain, and will teach the subject “Window Dressing and Visual Merchandising”, one of disciplines in the Master’s degree. The conference will be open to the general public and will be celebrated on Thursday, February 18th in the William Pinheiro Auditorium (Building F of the IESP Faculties). The section of Window Dressing is exclusive to the students registered in Pós DAEE and will be celebrated in February 19th and 20th and in March 4th and 5th.


*Let’s talk a Little bit more about Javier Peña Ibañez.

Javier Peña Ibáñez (1985, Logroño) is an architect. He studied in the Universidad Politécnica, Escuela Técnica Superior in Madrid (ETSAM). From his specialized vision in dissemination and investigation of architecture, he generates a debate which develops concurrently to art, design, urbanism and citizen participation.

His achievements translate analytically situations that he carries out by meticulous constructive studies and a careful selection of the material. The designs, achievements, spaces and areas that he builds talk by themselves.

His work is currently focused in the design of ephemeral spaces, exhibitions and furniture in institutions such as Matadero Madrid, Casa del Lector, Feria de Madrid IFEMA, Centro Cibeles, Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Círculo de Bellas Artes or La Casa Encendida; he coordinates these activities with teaching in IED (European Institute of Design in Madrid), as well as the organization and management of Concéntrico, the Design and Architecture Festival of Logroño.


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