Interview  to Rúri  because of Quest of identity ´lecture

Alicante University by Ángela Shepherd


  • What does art mean to you?

Art is something where I can scape and express myself. Since I was young I knew it was my destiny. Personally, I think art is philosophy and emotions. I regard myself as an observer and I put my observations into art. I’m not a creator but an observer.


  • Which impact would you like your artworks produce in society of today?

I hope with my art to provoke awareness. 


  • We can see in your artworks that you were fascinated with water, do you think that you’ve become such a good artist because of the place where you’re from? 

Of course, Iceland was a perfect place to grow up. We have mountains, rivers, numerous waterfalls, I could row on the sea... So I know nature from my childhood. 

Besides this, living on a tiny island where horizon is always around, somehow one becomes aware that we live on a globe. We consider the earth of the Earth.


  • Do you think there are commonalities or similarities between art and architecture?

Yes, I sometimes have to approach the design of my installations in architectural way. Architecture needs a frame as well as my installations. When creating installations one has to think about space and compose the space. Also we have to think about structure. For example, in the Rainbow  I cooperated with engineers, and the structure ended with a 240T concrete path.


  • Which materials do you use more often?

Any material; I look for the material that best translates the concept.


  • In your water installations, which material were the amazing transparent screens made of?

I used a special transparent textile for these exhibitions. For me, the transparency makes distance and time distance.


  • Do you organize workshops? Would you recommend them? 

Sometimes yes. I think they are interesting if the participants are interested too. I’ve just finished a workshop about photography.


  • Which tip would you give to architecture or art students?

I think if you want to be an architect or an artist you have to be true to yourself and give all your heart into it. But most important is to be honest with yourself, because if we do something and we don’t think it’s good enough, we will be sorry for a long time.


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