International Summer School | Kaunas, Lithuania | June 2018




The European Capital of Culture in Kaunas in 2022 has organised a Summer School for students of architecture and heritage protection, as well as professionals in associated fields, on the topic Promoting the Progressive: Modernism and its Value as a Historic Urban Landscape.

The Summer School will focus on the urban fabric of Kaunas. After getting familiar with the historical parts of the city Žaliakalnis and Naujamiestis, participants of the Summer School will be invited to prepare experimental architectural scenarios for the future development of this territory or selected sites within these areas. Ideas should offer a way to preserve the modernist architecture, which is essential to the local character, while also proposing new interventions at different scales that reinterpret, reinvigorate and revitalise the city. The work should question the concepts of value and authenticity, asking whether authenticity should be perceived in terms of tangible artefacts or can include intangible attributes, such as modernist notions of progress.

During the Summer School students will listen to introductory lectures and do heritage walks with teachers to discuss the legacy of the modern city of Kaunas. Further work will be done in groups analysing selected case studies and providing ideas for architectural scenarios.

>> Kaunas Technological University-Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture

>>June 25–29, 2018

The organisers will provide accommodation and food at the dorm of Kaunas University of Technology.


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