Kuba Ulbrych (DE)

Marco Silva Mirra (DE)

Laura Dietsch (DE)

Javier Guerra (ES)


KONKRET concrete lamps, all individually designed and manufactured on easa-land by some of the bravest and brightest architecture students will enlighten the EASA sites. 

We will start with some exercises introducing the participants to the material of concrete. The participants will then be introduced to lamp-design and start experimenting with other, easier to handle, materials. These will be the main tasks during the first week and we will see a lot of awesome stuff hanging or standing around. We will then go on seeking the perfect spot(s) and art(s) of intervention. 

A lichtgrenze-like enfilade of lamps linking the different easa-spots, a lamp sculpture park upvalueing the bar-area, a single installation representing easa to the public at the main entrance - the opportunities are unlimited and will be elaborated, shuttered, poured and installed during the second easa-week.


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