La Rivoluzione delle Seppie

Accross Italy: Parma, Arcevia (Marche) and Belmonte Calabro (Calabria)

June, July & August 2016



A program of itinerant workshops in Italy which will explore & expand on the idea of social creativity where living, learning and working are integrated.


The central theme of “La Rivoluzione delle Seppie” is the appreciation for the moments of transition. 
Living, learning and working are integrated; participants will explore the intersection between these three aspects, challenging traditional social and cultural barriers. Education and the real world are mutually inclusive and don’t have to be disconnected. 

“La Rivoluzione delle seppie” wants to investigate and begin to understand this relationship through a programme of itinerant workshops around Italy which will explore and expand this idea of social creativity. The central motto of these workshops is “we don’t make more products but processes”. 

These workshops offer an experience which engages and explores the geographical, social, and cultural context in which they take place. Interdisciplinary practice between experts from different backgrounds will work with students with different interests. Through the examination of artistic expressions beyond the scope of the traditional academy, this work will encourage a new commitment towards the world. 

In this environment the boundaries between ‘student’ and ‘teacher’ will blur. 

This radical vision of a new pedagogy aims to challenge the limitations imposed by society, the current culture and history; it proposes theoretical and architectural structures that later will be filled with content, initiating and shaping a new think tank. This approach can find fertile ground in the current Italian context where we are rooted. 

La “Rivoluzione delle Seppie” will take place in three sites across Italy: one in the Parma area along the Ceno River, one in Arcevia (Marche) in a natural reserve, and one in Belmonte Calabro (Calabria) in an old monastery. The first edition of these itinerant workshops will take place at the end of June, July and August 2016.



La Rivoluzione delle Seppie proposes a new pedagogy for all the creative fields; where the boundaries between student and teacher are blurred and the actions undertaken are set in the real world.


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