-1. "A drawing should be an investigative device, a voyage of discover, a series of glances into the future." 
Peter Cook 

0. _lapse 

1. _dictionary 

2. _initiation 

slow down 
let/let go 
let it flow 
look for 

3. _about symbiosis/relations/samples 

everything is everything 
man is the one, as individual, but at the same time he's a sample of all humans 
the place is the only one, authentical, but also is the sample of the world 
it's about confrontation of the man with the place, but also interaction of two pieces 
like in symbiosis... relation between a host and a parasit 

4. _methods 

drawing is tool 
participant finds one frame/cadre/view which he draws every day in continuity 
repetition of process of drawing to infinity allows individual dislocation from space and time and ourselves 
perception changes by process of free thoughts 
drawing process allows establishing an analogy between the two and in one by itself 
by drawing we record the flow of thoughts 
cognition of the unsconscious by preoccupation of the conscious 

5. _goals 

catching the rhytm of stream of consciousness and composing your own story of it 
detect what happens when the simple undestanding process of finding out things is prolonged 
observe how is the perception transforming with the understanding process 
it's not about collecting information, it's about telling the story 
how do we react? 

6. _tutors 

aleksandra bogdanović, 
MA student of Architecture, University in Belgrade 

stella-maris latinović, 
MA student of Architecture, University in Belgrade 


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