« LighType » proposes to the participants to create a common « transcultural typography » between the different alphabets: Latin and Cyrillic. This typography could invest one or several spaces of Veliko Tarnovo. 

Outside the idea of ​​symbiotic languages, the form of « LighType » will create either a theme that will put in perspective Veliko Tarnovo according different possible angles (cultural, architectural or topographic identity) or following a personal subjective perception of students about the city. 

The choice of spaces invested reflects the problematic discussed with participants and will enter in relationship with the specifics areas of the city. 

Through the production of different typographies, we will investigate the city and tend to characterize it. We propose to use the light for a final rendering and/or a way for the figure to come true. The concept of anamorphosis* is a very relevant process to translate the relationship between the point of view, the relief and the displacement of people in the city. This work could be developed as an ephemeral projection installation, during a light festival for example, or materialized as a real painted or sculptural artwork in specific spots. This distinguishing figures will become landmarks for the inhabitants the city. 

*anamorphosis : reversible deformation of an image using an optical system - such as a curved mirror - or mathematical method. Some artists have produced works by this process and created distorted images that get recomposed from a predetermined and privileged point of view. 


Our workshop is a land-art urban light type 

We will create three-dimensional typography in the Veliko Tarnovo city 
with local ressources. 

The installation in situ will be visualized in day and night time 
with specific lighting process. 

This lighting process will transform our perception of the lettring installation. 

It’s symbiosis of 
typography & light 
day & night 
the european alphabets 
2D & 3D 


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