Lyrical City///EASA2015




Kristin Karlsson (SWE)

Nielsine Otto (DK)


"Lyrical city" - a hunters and collectors pod, is a workshop that aims to find the stories of Valletta and give them new life in the shape of an illustrated podcast that combines words with sounds and visual art. 

The participants will acts as explorers of the city Valletta, to collect and hoarder information and artefacts, to document, find and make up stories and then to convey these stories with illustrative tools such as sounds, visual elements, still and moving pictures. The workshop is an exercise in representation but also in making one coherent piece where it’s different parts amplifies and complements the whole. A collage that tells a story about Valletta out of a personal point of view. 

In the end the participants will work on their own projects regarding the city and make a podcast with a visual dimension that will be screened and listened to in the Radio-cinema that we will plan and make together. 

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