Malta Under My Skin///EASA2015




Anja Demic (SRB)

Lana Loncar (SRB)

Aleksandra Stepanovic (SRB)


Our workshop will use basic technique of flash tattoos and develop it further, taking it to another level. 

The theme is based on Maltese specific and layered history and culture. We would research old Maltese myths and legends and specific customs (linguistic and social) and incorporate them into contemporary art work – body art. We want to accentuate the connection with the city. Our participants will get the chance to explore city to its most secret and mystical parts. The city, being inspirational as it is, will be perfect for translating it into artwork.

The workshop will have 3 different stages.

In first faze participants will get familiar with each other, the city, the culture, the myths and legends and the material. For the first part of the first faze team building is crucial. We want our participants to feel comfortable with us and with each other. We are planning on having small scale experiments, something like social games to get to know each other and to see each participant’s potential (for example: making sun tattoos, blind sketching etc.) In order to get familiar with Maltese myths and legends, tutors will organize open video presentations and storytelling (EVERYONE IS INVITED). Our participants will get the chance to go around the city and get inspired. This part involves a lot of sketching, drawing, photographing etc.

After exploring and developing ideas we come to more practical stage. In second phase participants will work on their individual designs. Each participant / group will be working on one idea, one mythological creature or a story which they will try to abstract and translate into their own design. After developing the idea, participants will be working on small scale experiments. That’s when the sketching, drawing, collage, poster making, cutting, tracing and pasting to the skin really heats up. We want to involve all of the EASA people so everyone who wants a bit of gold on their skin is more than welcome to join.  

In third faze our participants will split into 2-3 groups. This is where we want them to think big and try to become one with the city using their body.  Third phase is all about taking it to another level. Using their previous knowledge about technique of flash tattoos now they will be able to think out of the box. Each participant will be part of the “bigger picture”. Motives from myths and legends that they’ve researched and by using both natural and built structure of the city of Valletta they will make spatial body installations. Since the bigger is always better, linking with other workshops is also something that we want to do. In previous EASA events that would be Onion, Kuki Wonderland or City is my playground workshop or any other workshop which does some kind of performative or art in general. We will invite other workshop’s participants to join us and use their bodies as canvas.

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