Eudes Bonneau Cattier (FR)

Maciej Janakowski (PL)

Alexandre Renimei (FR)


Participative Street Art in Valletta - We aim to invite local people to create with us street art collages based on their favorite places. 

During this workshop, participants will at first meet Valletta inhabitants by groups of 2, interview them about what links them to their city and their favorite places. Participants will then take photos of these favorite places (facades, restaurants, pubs, shops, gardens, plaza and so on). Then each participant will be in charge of one of these people «architectural dream», and make a street artwork of it. 

We keep these people contacts and invite them to discover the extraordinary world of collective Valletta’s architectural dream(s).The scale of this «paper architecture» around 1/10, making Malta bigger for our mini Maltese collage-buildings. The outcome will be the street art, its photographs, and a short film about the process and Maltese people interviewed for each street artwork.

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