MEDS ‘Meeting of Design Students’ was founded in 2010 by students from different countries and different departments of design. It was created with the aim to join all design departments together. Architecture, interior architecture, industrial design, graphic design and all other departments of design.



It is a fact that design is all around us and everything man-made was designed, MEDS focuses everything on design. Design makes ideas tangible, it takes abstract thoughts and inspirations and makes something concrete. The idea of MEDS is to share knowledge about design, to learn the design process, from small objects to large projects, to share experience, to improve creativity, abilities and communication between students from many design disciplines. Different people, different cultures, different languages and different design departments will be joined in one place, to create new and fresh ideas.



MEDS is organised each year in a different country, with an aim to spread its ideal across Europe. Organizational teams consist of students which want to represent their country by hosting a MEDS workshop to do this they send a proposal to the founder of the organisation. Once this is approved they can decide on the workshop subject, place and program...



Each student can apply as a tutor. A tutor has to make a project based on selected theme and submit it to the organizational team before a specified date. MEDS team will choose the best ideas and announce them as winning projects. A tutor’s obligation is to make a presentation of his project and represent it at conference at the beginning of the workshop. Participants will be separated in groups, 15 students per project. The tutor is the leader of the group, but he has to be open to other ideas and improvements. Main aim of the workshop is group working, improving, redesigning and developing the project. 


At the end of the workshop each group has to make a short presentation about their project, from the principal idea to the final result. They will represent it in public, with an open debate after it. When the workshop is finished the next event’s location will be announced.




AUGUST, 2015

We will be leaving the city lights behind. Far away from contemporary civilization without shops, flash light and artificial noise. We will purify our collective creative spirits and become „naked minds“ again. Our goal will be to get inspired by traditional work, craftsmen and nature and putting it in our own designs. Not to get distracted by the outside world but seeking creativity inside of us and in the ones around. Its about meeting people, nature, material, culture, language and opinion. There is a story that needs to be told. Come to Tara and help us write it. MEDS Tara 2015 is an event that will gather arround 300 young architects and designers from all Europe in a miission of creating wooden objects with purpose defined by National park Tara needs. 





Annual Conference Katowice, Poland 07-12 October 2015 Meeting of Design Students (MEDS) is a network formed in 2010 that hosts workshops for young people with an interest in design. Run by students – for students, we are grassroots, voluntary and nonprofit.


Every year we organise a two-week mega-workshop based around a different theme or topic, promoting cross-discipline collaboration. We have previously met in Alanya, Istanbul, Ljubljana, Lisbon, Dublin, and Tara National Park. Our Meeting of National Contacts (MENC) will this year be held in Katowice, where 45+ students and recent graduates passionate about design will meet to discuss the direction of Meeting of Design Students (MEDS) as an organisation.


Alongside presentations, lectures and group work in this Polish mining city, attendees will decide upon the locations for the MEDSworkshop 2017 and next year’s MENC. Planning for the coming MEDSworkshop (Bucharest, Romania 2016) will take shape as suggestions from attendees and experiences from our recent MEDSworkshop in Tara National Park (Serbia) inform the concept for the Romanian capital.


Bucharest: “City of Contrasts” will explore juxtapositions and polarities within the city, bringing 200+ design students together for two weeks in August to explore design’s interaction with local people, traditions and the environment.


200+ designers 30+ countries 20+ languages 15+ unique projects 2 weeks 1 MEDSfamily



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