What is MEDS?

MEDS (Meeting of Design Students) is an international association created in 2010 by and for students and young professionals from various creative disciplines: architecture, industrial design, graphic design, landscape design, photography and more.

Each year, MEDS organizes a two-week long event, hosted in a different country, with an average of 200 participants.

This is an opportunity for young designers to learn from each other, share experience and improve their abilities. Different people, cultures, languages and design departments will gather in one place, to come up with fresh ideas.


MEDS workshop

The ‘workshop’ is a two-week event that takes place in August each year, and is the main ‘meeting’ of MEDS. Within the workshop are a number of projects led by Tutors (design students or professionals), who have applied to create their concept – along with their team of eager and talented Participants – during the workshop. There is a strict schedule of fun activities, including working on projects, lectures and labs, and of course getting to know your fellow MEDS crew.

MEDS network

Outside the workshop, MEDS is an international network of dedicated designers that support one another in personal projects. MEDS participants have become tutors at other workshops, organise events in their own countries, and organise MEDS workshops. The network is currently expanding into an online platform, which is still in development.


MEDS 2016///City of Contrasts

For the first time MEDS will be held in Romania. Between the 1st and 15th of August 2016 Bucharest will host MEDS workshop in its contrasting historical and cultural background. 

All elements of your creative exploration are to enhance Bucharest’s Eclectic & unique style. When we refer to Bucharest, as being a City of Contrasts, we talk about conflicting urban juxtapositions, running backlit images and loud traffic sounds, about the rich, the poor, the religious & the mystic, about traditions, music, craftsmanship and vernacular architecture.


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MEDS Workshop 'City of Contrasts'

1ST-15TH Aug 2016

Bucharest /// CITY OF CONTRASTS 
250 participants / 14 days 
15 workshops / 12 speakers 
One amazing experience!







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